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Auto-Marine Valeting are the first approved applicators of Ceramic Pro in Northern Ireland, and currently there is only one other Marine applicator in the whole of Ireland, so for the best protection of your investment look no further.

Ceramic Pro is a revolutionary protective coating that simultaneously protect and enhances the appearance of all surfaces from paint to interior surfaces.  Put very simple, it is THE MOST ADVANCED paint protection system in the world today, and represents the pinnacle of car and boat care technology at the present time.

Ceramic Pro products has been officially tested and certified by "SGS", the world’s leading testing, verification and certification company. The formula is world patented and it has taken ten years of research and testing to bring the product to where it is today. 

All products within the Ceramic Pro range have been tested and certified as non-toxic.

Properties of Ceramic Pro
Permanent Protection
Ceramic Pro will not wash away or break down over time. It can only be removed through abrasion. No chemical can dissolve the coating.
Hardness Above 9H
Forms a permanent bond to the paint work and has the ability to penetrate inside of a clear coat and make it harder more resistant to damage.
Chemical Resistance
100% resistance against harsh chemicals.
Oxidation and Corrosion Resistance
Forms a nano-ceramic coating that will protect any type of metal from staining, corrosion, salt and oxidation.
Temperature Resistance
Protects the surface from damages caused by heat - up to 760C. The product can also offer considerable cooling benefits that can help reduce the effects of heat.
UV Protection
Ceramic Pro products contain silk oxide, which is also used in sunblock. The keeps the gelcoat, paint, rubbers, and plastics in as new condition.
Super Gloss
Can be used on new surfaces to add a high gloss finish and it also can be applied to faded surfaced to bring out greater colour and shine.
Super Hydrophobic
Creates a “self-cleaning effect” meaning water will bead up and roll off the surface, taking dirt and grime away.
  Sport Light Silver Gold Diamond
Prices from £150 £350 £600 £1,200 £2,000
Surface preparation for the coating with Ceramic Pro Nano Polish
Ceramic Pro Sport applied to all exterior surfaces (including glass and plastic trims)        
Ceramic Pro 9H on paint and lights (layers)     1 2 10
1 layer Ceramic Pro Light on paint and lights  
1 layer Ceramic Pro Rain on all glass  
1 layer Ceramic Pro Plastic for all plastics and trims  
1 layer Ceramic Pro Strong on exhaust tips  
1 layer Ceramic Pro 9H on interior        
1 layer Ceramic Pro Textile on fabric        
1 layer Ceramic Pro Strong to the wheels and calipers        
Warranty 6 mths 2 yrs 3-5 yrs 5-7 yrs Lifetime